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Computational fluid dynamic modeling to improveve the desing of the spanish parral style greenhouse.

Fecha de publicación:
30 de julio de 2003

The Parral type of greenhouse is very common in Southern Spain and other areas of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a simple, low cost greenhouse structure. Ventilation is by small ridge openings that are covered with rolling flaps or operable vents. Some also had limited sidewall openings. These conditions results in major heat stress to the plants. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) models of the greenhouses were developed. The models were two-dimensional, steady state using various viscosity models. The results for the airflow through the vent openings and the actual vent opening areas were used to calculate air exchange rates for wind speeds of 2, 3, 4, and 5 m/s. These results compare favorable to tracer gas measurements that were ...