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Invernaderos de malla en el litoral almeriense: Incidencia de plagas productividad de un cultivo de tomate.

Fecha de publicación:
1 de enero de 2007

The 20x10 threads cm-1 anti-insect screens are providing good results for the control of Bemisia tabaci, although they also have a negative effect on natural ventilation. Nowadays, the catalogue of antiinsect screens is being diversified with thicker or photoselective screens. Thus, it is necessary to test their efficiency in to recommend their use or not by the growers. During the spring-summer season of 2006 an experiment was performed in which 4 different types of anti-insect screens were evaluated as greenhouse covering materials: black anti-insect screen 20x10 threads cm-1, white anti-insect screen 20x10 threads cm -1, Bionet anti-insect screen 21x9 threads cm-1 (photoselective) and Optinet anti-insect screen 21x11 anti-insect screen (photoselective). The analysed parameters were i) Yield response of a truss tomato ...